Sustainable Living: 10 Tips for a Greener Home

By Lexi Klinkenberg Imagine a house where every electronic component and device is powered by the sun. Where every raindrop that hits your roof is used to water the yard, even on dry days. Where your trash is turned into fertilizer, which in turn is used to grow produce for your dining room table. Surprisingly, this idea of sustainable living … Read More

How to Use Oelo’s Celebration Lights to Celebrate August National Holidays

Here at Oelo, we love celebrating every holiday, awareness day and event with our fun lighting. We believe the idea of celebrating a holiday, supporting a cause or rooting for your favorite teams helps bring people together in communities all over North America. Now, with Oelo’s LED color-changing lights, it’s easier than ever to celebrate on any day of the … Read More

Choosing Great Outdoor Patio Lighting for Your Favorite Outdoor Space

It’s that time of year. Time to dress up your patio, and outdoor patio lighting is one way to create ambiance. With so many different options, how do you choose? This blog offers a few patio lighting considerations, like lighting role, bulb type and personal style. Determine Your Outdoor Patio Lighting’s RoleGuests don’t want to be entertained in the dark! … Read More

What You Should Know About Energy Efficient Lighting and the Environment

LED lighting has swept the lighting market in recent years, replacing fluorescent and halogen lighting with a safer, more sustainable and intelligent lighting option. This Earth Day, we want to tell you how energy saving lights provide many environmental advantages over incandescent lights and other traditional options. Environmentally Friendly Lights Contain Zero ToxinsFluorescent lighting contains mercury, and when not disposed … Read More

Landscape Lighting Companies Can Reap Impressive Margins on Oelo LED Landscape Lighting Kits

This April, we’re celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month by embracing our partners — the many landscape lighting companies that promote Oelo’s patio and exterior home lighting products across the nation. Thanks for helping us spread our glow! And to further expand this important contractor network, we’re looking for new partners who want to establish their own Oelo territory to reap … Read More