Top Three Benefits of Installing LED Outdoor Lighting on Your Home

More homeowners are switching to LED lights to illuminate dark areas of their property. Although LED bulbs are commonly used indoors, more people are using them outside to make use of their yard at night and highlight architectural features. If you’re on the fence about using LED outdoor lighting, here are some facts that might just convince you to jump … Read More

Permanent Christmas Lights Add a Certain Appeal to Your Property No Matter the Occasion

Permanent Christmas lights are a great idea for those who hate the annual tradition of finding, untangling and then hanging traditional outdoor lights. While permanent lights are clearly helpful during the holiday season, they can also benefit home and business owners the rest of the year. Here are some ideas for using permanent Christmas decorations all year long.Safety Lighting You … Read More

The Advantages of Oelo’s Permanent LED Lighting for the Environment

We’re sure you’ve heard over and over again the praises of modern outdoor lighting. It’s benefits—mostly that it will put some cash back in your wallet—and how energy-efficient it is. Modern Outdoor Lighting Saves You Money  That’s all true. LED lighting converts more energy into light and less energy into heat, so it takes less energy to light them. In fact, … Read More

Commercial Lighting Fixtures and Other Additions to Make Your Office Stand Out

The style and design of your office will determine how much the building stands out in the local area. To create a professional environment that the potential customers will notice, it’s important to install modern features and tools to transform the exterior setting. When it’s time to increase the appeal of your office, there are a few tips to follow … Read More

Benefits of Installing Permanent LED Holiday Lights on Your Home

Most people want to boost their home’s curb appeal and allow the house to stand out in the neighborhood. When it comes to drawing attention to your setting, something as simple as adding lighting makes a big difference. You’ll need to use the right types of outdoor lighting to create a beautiful environment. If you want to boost the appearance … Read More