What You Should Know About Energy Efficient Lighting and the Environment

LED lighting has swept the lighting market in recent years, replacing fluorescent and halogen lighting with a safer, more sustainable and intelligent lighting option. This Earth Day, we want to tell you how energy saving lights provide many environmental advantages over incandescent lights and other traditional options. Environmentally Friendly Lights Contain Zero ToxinsFluorescent lighting contains mercury, and when not disposed … Read More

Landscape Lighting Companies Can Reap Impressive Margins on Oelo LED Landscape Lighting Kits

This April, we’re celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month by embracing our partners — the many landscape lighting companies that promote Oelo’s patio and exterior home lighting products across the nation. Thanks for helping us spread our glow! And to further expand this important contractor network, we’re looking for new partners who want to establish their own Oelo territory to reap … Read More

LED Patio Lights that Outsmart Their Predecessors

We’re coming up on spring, and for a lot of folks, that means cleaning off the patio and revamping outdoor living spaces. For some, this may mean buying new outdoor patio string lightsto replace burnt out or broken strands. For others, a total patio makeover may be in the works. Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, Oelo can provide … Read More

Savant Homes and Oelo team up to offer a new home feature

Savant Homes and Oelo announce that they are teaming up to provide an additional outdoor lighting option to future homeowners planning their new Savant home. Fort Collins, Colorado — April 2, 2018  — Oelo and Savant Homes Inc., today announced a partnership to offer Oelo lighting as a home add-on feature for new custom built homes. This partnership will provide … Read More