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Are you an entrepreneur with a knack for spreading the word, a contractor experienced in all things installation or an individual looking for one of the best side jobs ever? Then look no further than Oelo, the premium brand in permanent Christmas lights. If you’re interested in becoming Oelo’s outdoor lighting franchise opportunities, here’s what’s in it for you ...
Money. But not just money. Profit.
You simply make money by selling Oelo products bought at a discount, which in turn is sold to your customers at retail price. As an Oelo dealer, you pocket the difference, and if you facilitate install and maintenance, there’s room for more margin and additional lucrative revenue streams.  In short, the LED light business opportunities are booming! In fact, Oelo is a great addition to many existing contractor businesses that specialize in roofing, lighting, landscaping, window washers and other home service models.

So what kind of discounts are we talking? Well, the level depends solely on you and what kind of dealer you want to be — an Oelo Contractor, an Oelo Authorized Dealer or an Oelo Preferred Dealer.

  • Oelo Contractors receive a modest discount — 5% off list price. But with this limited discount comes great starter perks with little to no risk. As an Oelo Contractor, there are NO annual purchase requirements. Simply hype up a super fun product, make the sale and then pay before shipment.
  • Oelo Authorized Dealers receive a substantial 15% discount off list price but require slightly more upfront investment — a $5,000 dealer initiation fee and an annual purchase commitment of $5,000-$24,999. In turn, Oelo provides on-site installation training, up to $2,500 in ad match and other tiered benefits. (See our Oelo Dealer Tier chart.)
  • The largest discount — a whopping 25% off list price – is awarded to Oelo Preferred Dealers who have paid the dealer initiation fee and meet annual purchase requirements of $20,000 or more. Some of our top dealers average $350,000 in purchases a year, and the average residential install starts at $5,000, making this minimum extremely obtainable. Heck, one municipal sale meets this requirement.

So why commit to an Oelo outdoor lighting franchise?

If you’ve been doing your research on permanent holiday lighting businesses, you’ll know that the demand for this kind of structural lighting has grown significantly in the last several years. In fact, Oelo saw a 182% increase in sales in 2021, and as the premium product in the industry, Oelo has continued this accelerated growth trend. Based in Colorado and backed by a five-year warranty and 30 years of lighting industry experience, Oelo products are built to last — rated for 100,000 hours of use, or 22 years of nightly 12-hour glow.

Not to mention, Oelo’s system is patented (U.S. Pat. No. 10,006,615), featuring a moisture-resistant cover that can be mounted in a variety of ways to achieved different desired looks. Namely, select competitors can only create a wall-wash effect by hanging their lights under the eaves, while Oelo can achieve both this look or a traditional holiday glow with the cover pointed outward.

In addition to different cover mounting options, Oelo offers different cover materials — impact-resistant acrylic (available in nine different colors) or long-lasting steel (available in any custom color). Our steel option is a great fit for large commercial or municipal jobs. Speaking of these lucrative commercial jobs, Oelo offers an optional cloud-based system that can tether multiple structures together, allowing for seamless customization, featuring 10 movement settings and 6,000 colors for endless looks. In Stephenville, Texas, Tarleton State University invested in an Oelo system that features 7,500 lights on nine buildings!

And while that sounds complicated, Oelo’s 36V system is truly plug-and-play. Oelo offers a number of online dealer installation training resources, as well as on-site training for its Authorized and Preferred Dealers.

Oelo dealers also are supported with FREE promotional literature and an online Marketing Hub packed with even more downloadable and customizable marketing materials. Meanwhile, dealers can order parts/lights inventory via a password-protected online inventory management system. The system will recognize your tiered level and tabulate your discounted pricing before purchase. Payment terms are also available for Authorized and Preferred Dealers.

So how do you become an Oelo LED light business?

If you want to join our nationwide network of dealers, it’s never been easier! Simply fill out the Contractor Application (right), and General Manager Devin Rodarmel will contact you to discuss your interest level and our outdoor lighting franchise opportunities. Again, your commitment level is solely up to you!

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