What You Should Know About Energy Efficient Lighting and the Environment

LED lighting has swept the lighting market in recent years, replacing fluorescent and halogen lighting with a safer, more sustainable and intelligent lighting option. This Earth Day, we want to tell you how energy saving lights provide many environmental advantages over incandescent lights and other traditional options. Environmentally Friendly Lights Contain Zero ToxinsFluorescent lighting contains mercury, and when not disposed … Read More

Areas of Your Business that Commercial Exterior Lighting Can Improve

Every business owner knows that first impressions last. In fact, potential customers often base their first impression by checking out your business establishment’s exterior. Most actually contemplate this before they even decide to go inside to peruse the menu, which is why business owners should pay special attention to how their places of business look. In this regard, good lighting … Read More

Commercial Lighting Fixtures and Other Additions to Make Your Office Stand Out

The style and design of your office will determine how much the building stands out in the local area. To create a professional environment that the potential customers will notice, it’s important to install modern features and tools to transform the exterior setting. When it’s time to increase the appeal of your office, there are a few tips to follow … Read More

Energy-Saving Commercial Lights can Boost Guest Experience in Your Store

When it comes to energy costs, you can expect commercial spaces to rack up a much higher expense than residential ones. This is because they use more much electrical gizmos and lighting than regular households. As a business owner, you’ll naturally want to invest in energy-saving lighting to save more on your bills. Apart from savings, however, you also have … Read More