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Spotlight your exterior with these outdoor landscape lighting tips

After spending time and money on your landscape, the desire to showcase it for all your neighbors and friends to see is only natural. With the effective use of outdoor house lights, your stunning landscape remains seen by all who pass by both day and night. To make your lawn picture-ready 24 hours a day, follow some practical landscaping light tips sure to shine the limelight on your captivating exterior.


Don’t install outdoor lights just to do what others do. Set a clear objective. Know what you want to achieve with your landscape lighting and how you plan to reach this objective. Are you installing landscape lights to create a romantic evening ambience? (Read how lighting can effect our mood!) Maybe you're tryin gto highlight a specific part of your garden? Or perhaps you're installing landscape lighting for illumination and security reasons? To facilitate a design or function, you must determine your objective(s) and proceed with the relative light placements. 

It's worth noting that Oelo's permanent structural lighting achieves many of the objectives above. If you're looking for color changing landscape lights, Oelo's lights fit the bill with its color-changing app that can bathe and accent your exterior in an array of colors. (The image above shows one landscapers unique spin on deck lighting using Oelo.) All that said, it almost goes without saying that with more than 16 million Oelo hues, you're sure to create a romantic evening. Meanwhile, Oelo's lights can double as attractive security lights thanks to its spotlight mode!

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patio lights
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All of the exteriors above show Oelo lighting applications.


When determining placement of your outdoor lights, assess your landscape’s overall layout. Look at everything from the foliage you're highlighting to the outside décor used in the space, understanding that different elements can reflect or absorb light. (Even peripheral lighting from nearby homes can impact even the best landscape lighting.) Study how light can match, illuminate or highlight specific aspects of your exterior. In fact, we have a whole other article devoted to ways lights can be used to wash, graze or outline elements of a structure.


Finally, the best landscape lighting is built to withstand the elements. With so many "economical" lights on the market, it's easy to be swayed by low-priced fixtures, but it's important to mindful that the best low voltage landscape lighting comes with some important ratings. Look for UL rated fixtures that have been third-party tested to handle the elements. Seek out products that have a V0- fire rating, meaning these lights can self-extinguish if they ever caught fire. IP68-rated lights are also the way to go when it comes to outside lighting because these lights are fully-submersible capable. In short, the higher the IP rating, the greater durability of your lights. This rating becomes extremely important if you're trying to illuminate water features or boat docks.


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