Dusk to Dawn Security lights

Dusk to dawn security lights that pull double duty!


Oelo’s permanent lighting system is more than just a fancy set of holiday lights that blend in with your exterior. These year-round lights provide outdoor accent lighting that double as outdoor security lights — all by adding an extra glow to your exterior.

Light, alone, can deter crime, according to a University of Chicago Urban Labs, which published a study that found an increased level of light led to a 36% reduction in “index crimes” — a subset of felony crimes that include robbery, assault and murder, as well as property crimes. And if you’re tired of those pesky, raiding porch pirates, light can deter them, too. In short, a little light can go a long way to protecting your home or business.

And with the Oelo lighting system there are a lot of controls to help you monopolize your system to better protect your home. For starters, Oelo’s built-in app timer with “sunrise and sunset” feature lets you automate when your lights turn on, creating dusk to dawn security light for your home or business.

You can also “spotlight” certain aspects of your home with one of Oelo's new control settings in the optional Anywhere App, which lets you turn on select LEDs to illuminate portions of your structure, especially near entrances and pathways, or the whole house. With Oelo’s color controls, you can bathe your structure in a deterring white light, which helps your other security devices, like doorbell cameras and security devices, better capture footage of the perpetrator.

When it comes to most security lights, there is one downside — the ongoing need to maintain bulbs, especially traditional CFL or halogen fixtures. But with Oelo, these LED security lights are rated for 100,000 hours of use, the equivalent to 22 years of 12-hour glow. Now, that’s true dusk to dawn security lighting!

Oelo’s permanent holiday lighting system is also unique in that it can be mounted in a variety of different ways — outward, downward and upward. In short, this system not only produces the aesthetic look you want but the security lighting you need.

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