Permanent Lighting Now Available in Denver, Houston and Cheyenne

Spreading holiday cheer with dazzling exterior lights is nothing new, but what is new is that permanent holiday lights are now being tackled with a “work smarter, not harder” approach. What does it mean to “work smarter, not harder” when it comes to lighting? Install Permanent Holiday Lights Once and For AllInstead of spending an afternoon on a ladder attempting … Read More

Oelo Announces Permanent Remote-controlled LED Structural Lighting

 Just in time for the holidays, Oelo outdoor lighting systems creates ambiance 365 days a year with easy installation, brilliant colors and various configurations.Fort Collins, Colorado – October, 19 2016 – Oelo lighting solutions, a manufacturer of LED outdoor lighting products, today announced a new line of permanent LED structural lighting solutions for homes and businesses. Oelo outdoor structural lighting … Read More