One or more LEDs won't turn on

This guide outlines how to properly replace a section of lights in your Oelo System.

This guide may be helpful if you have a working system, but a section of lights does not turn on.


Solution 1: Update Light Count in Oelo App

If there is an incorrect light count in your Oelo App, it may cause the lights to display incorrectly.

  1. In the Customer Folder provided to you when you received your system, will be your total light count. 
  2. Open the Oelo App and navigate toward the Settings Tab.
  3. Re-enter the number of LEDs and restart the App.

Solution 2: Replace the LED(s)

Make sure you are familiar with how your lights were installed. Full documentation can be found here.

Before touching the system at all, UNPLUG THE CONTROL UNIT FROM THE OUTLET.

Familiarize yourself with the materials that you will need below. (To request a section of Light String and Butt Connectors, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page, using the Comment Section to note your needs.)

-New section of Light String
-6 Butt Connectors (4 Blue, 2 Pink)
-Wire Cutters
-Wire Strippers
-Wire Crimpers
-Butane Torch
-Electrical Tape

Choose the type of covers that your system uses to follow the correct guide:

If you have followed these instructions and your system is still not working, please fill out a service form below and a technician will reach out to you for further troubleshooting.