Installing Jumper Core Cables

This guide outlines how to properly connect the Light Strand wires to the 3-Core Jumper Cables. This guide may be helpful during the installation stage, or for verifying your wiring connections.


Before continuing, make sure you have read the installation manual. It can be found here.

Installing Jumper Cables to connect distant or upper lights

1. Strip the Light Strand's "GND" , "S" and "VCC" wires.
2. Strip the 3-Core Jumper Cable's "GND" , "S" and "VCC" wires.
3. Using Butt Connectors, insert the wires, connecting GND-GND, S-S.and VCC-VCC.


4. Crimp the Butt Connectors on the center silver line.
5. Using a Butane Torch, apply heat to the connectors, shrinking them evenly.
6. Repeat Steps 1-5 on the other end of the Jumper Cable with a new Light Strand and continue wiring.