Only a portion of my lights work

This guide outlines ways fix a system that has a portion of lights that are not responding to App commands. This guide may be helpful if the app shows the selected pattern working but the lighting is not.


Solution 1: Update Light Count

  1. Open your browser and enter .
  2. Navigate to the "Lights" tab.
  3. Referencing the Customer Folder that came with your system, input the correct Light Count.
  4. Hit "Save" and relaunch the Anywhere App.

Anywhere Web Browser


Anywhere Web Lights Tab

Solution 2: Factory reset your Oelo System

  1. On the Control Unit above the Status 1 light, hold the SW1 Button for 25 seconds.
  2. Let the system reboot for 10 minutes before attempting to reconnect.
  3. Stand near the Control Unit while looking for Oelo Wifi “OELO_##” on your phone's WiFi network.
  4. Use the default password of "12345678" to connect.
  5. Open browser and enter . Click "Internet" tab.
  7. Under AVAILABLE NETWORKS choose your network. Enter your networks password. Tap CONNECT.
  8. Input your correct Light Count.
  9. Open Anywhere App and turn off lights.

Control Unit WiFi


Anywhere Web WiFi Setup

Solution 3: Replacing a bad LED

If you have tried the solutions above and your system still does not turn off, you may have a bad LED Light.
To replace an LED, click here.

Solution 4: Disconnect your Oelo System from power

  1. If you have tried the solutions above and your system still does not turn off, flip the breaker associated with the Oelo System.
  2. Flip the breaker back on and test that your lights tare working properly.

If you followed these instructions ... 

And your system is still not working, please fill out a service form below and a technician will be in contact to further troubleshoot.