My lights don't turn on

This guide outlines ways to turn on your lights and may be helpful if your lights have turned on before, but now they do not want to operate. This guide may also be helpful if you haven't turned your lights on in awhile.


Solution 1: Reset your systems power

If you have not used your Oelo System frequently, it may need a restart.

  1. Exit the Anywhere App and unplug the Control Unit for 10 minutes.
  2. If Step 1 does not work, flip the breaker that your system is connected to.

Solution 2: Update light count in the Oelo Anywhere App

If there is an incorrect light count in your Oelo Anywhere App, it may cause the lights to display incorrectly. 

  1. With the Control Unit on, navigate to your phone's WiFi and connect to "Oelo_##" using the password you set, or the factory default password of "12345678"
  2. Open your browser and enter .
  3. Click on "Lights" and enter your correct Light Count.

Oelo Anywhere App WiFi


Oelo Anywhere App Light Count Location

Solution 3: Verify that your Control Unit is working properly

A working Oelo Anywhere System will have 3 lights on inside the Control Unit. If these 3 lights are not illuminated, visit this page to correct the error.


If you followed these instructions ... 

And your system is still not working, please fill out the service form below and a technician will be in contact to further troubleshoot.