Multi-Color Oelo Lighting Kit – 200′


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The Oelo multi-color LED lighting kit offers permanent architectural lighting that makes celebrating special events and holidays a breeze. The low-profile design seamlessly fits your home, business, or other outdoor structure, remaining nearly invisible by day and gleaming by night. The UV-stable vinyl and acrylic channel allows our lights to withstand the harshest of elements, whether you live in Houston, Texas or Alberta, Canada. Our intuitive mobile app allows you to use your smartphone device to program and control your entire lighting system.

A 200′ Multi-Color Lighting Kit includes:

  • 26 Eight Foot Sections of Channel
  • 45 Endcaps
  • 26 Channel Connectors
  • 140 Channel Clips
  • 245 RGB Oelo Lights
  • 105 Three Core Wire Footage
  • 420 Standard Fasteners
  • 12 Pink Butt connectors
  • 80 Blue Butt connectors
  • 1 Standard Retrofit Control Unit (powers max 300 lights)

Ability to power 300 lights, system can run up to 2,000 lights